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About us
16.12.2006 - 16:14


The Beginning

In 1994 our enthusiasm for Labrador retriever began, when we decided to enlarge our family.

We went to an exhibition and were very impressed about these 60 dogs, no barking, no aggressiveness!

In summer, Bayou joined us as a companion dog, a lot of yellow coat, seems too much and we were wondering if he would ever fill it out!

Six years later, Beauty came to us and she was not only a cute little puppy, she also was strong and nice and healthy. So we decided to start breeding Labrador retrievers.

We found a nice place to live in North Germany after we retired, where we and our dogs live in an old farmhouse built in 1888 the area called Lüneburger Heide, Uelzen.

Meanwhile another girl joined us, Toska, a package of temperament and energy.

Our Kennel name Casa delle Carezze is an addition from our prefixes ca rl re nate z ink e, sounds Italian and Italy is a country we love very much. The translation into German means hugs, from the house of hugs!



Ein Luftbild von unserem Haus

Der Oldenstädter See ist nur ein paar Meter von uns entfernt



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